Does meditation increase intelligence?

Meditation is a state of awareness, a definite brain wave pattern, but it is not a technique. Practicing just 25 minutes of proper-meditation per day can improve your brain functions, memory power and, logical reasoning. Regular-meditation helps to increase your IQ level


It makes both brain hemispheres work simultaneously, boosts memory, and intensifies emotional intelligence(EQ).

Let’s take a close look at how it is beneficial for increasing intelligence:

Meditation helps to increase neuroplasticity:

Neuroplasticity is the capacity of your mind to alter its natural form and function as a result of practice. Meditation increases cortical thickness that helps with better focus and sensory processing. Long-term meditation and mindfulness practice helps in increasing the gray matter density involved in learning and memory. 

Meditation improves the ability to concentrate(IQ):

There are two distinct sets of intelligence: Fluid and crystallized. Fluid intelligence refers to the capability to solve and reason problems in unique situations, while crystallized intelligence refers to the capacity of using knowledge gained by previous experiences. It is easier to increase crystallized intelligence by reading books, listening to podcasts, learning and collecting facts around you. On the other hand, fluid intelligence is about taking something you have never seen or done before and making something out of it. 

Speculation improves your IQ through brain wave activity. Your brain has fundamental four waves:

Beta: The fastest and most common brain wave for awaking the conscious state produced by the thinking mind.

Alpha: These denote detached and relaxed awareness. These are present when you are daydreaming or in light meditation.

Theta: These waves are produced by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds long-term memories, beliefs, and psychological baggage. It is also a key to deep insight, bliss, and intuition. These waves are observed in deep meditation.

Delta: Delta waves are from the unconscious mind, most commonly while you are asleep.

Meditation helps maintain peace within you. Practicing regular meditation keeps your mind focused, sharp and relaxed. Meditating for just 20 to 25 minutes a day improves mood, stress levels, and deep cognitive processing performance. It is a core aspect of fluid intelligence.

Meditation improves intuition:

Regular speculation helps in increasing the growth of gray matter. It directly impacts the quality of thinking. Intuition is also known as the gut feeling, is a blessing to the human mind. Intuition enables us to understand something without analytic thinking. It connects the gap between conscious and unconscious parts of the mind and also between reason and instinct.

Meditation balances the brain:

Most people are left-brain prevailing. It means that they are more accustomed to the logical, math, and language-oriented left-brain way of understanding and operating life. They are less used to the intuitive and corporeal right brain. Integrating the right hemisphere and balancing both the hemispheres is necessary to experience life to its fullest. A balanced brain leads to greater creativity, awareness, and insightfulness. This balance can be attained with regular speculation.

Meditation arouses creativity:

The trick to becoming artistic or creative lies in renouncing control. You need to relax and enter the state of effortlessness. 

Mindfulness helps in describing phenomena without analyzing them conceptually. It not only improves memory but also enhances creativity. speculation has numerous benefits which can not be exaggerated enough. 

The answer to the presiding question “Does meditation increase intelligence?” is affirmative. But it is not the only positive aspect of meditation.

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