Ten ways to strengthen a child’s mind

A child’s mind: Building and strengthening a healthy mind begins with a nutritional foundation, but there is much more than just fuelling your child’s mind with food. There are many practical and productive ways to boost your child’s memory power and strengthen their mind.

Below are some of the ways that can help strengthen your child’s mind.

Making sleep a priority:

The quantity and quality of sleep greatly influence a child’s mind. While they are asleep, their mind is busy processing and organizing the information they have learned during the day. Sound sleep ensures better focus, memory, and self-control. Better sleep helps in improving thinking skills, strengthening motor skills, positively affecting a child’s mood, and aids in logical and mathematical reasoning.

Playing focus games and exercises to build attention:

Playing games or solving puzzles are easy ways to get children to thinking and focusing. Playing memory games boosts their concentration power. Simple games such as chess, checkers, bingo, and many others encourage children to think ahead, identify patterns and make observations while all wrapped up in a fun package!

Feeding them greens and healthy food:

Eating healthy food has a primary link to a child’s concentration and memory power. Eating junk food makes a child sluggish. Protein-rich foods help in raising awareness and increasing concentration levels.

Learning to play an instrument:

Playing an instrument strengthens the brain. It helps in relieving stress, builds confidence, and improves patience level. Learning an instrument can enhance verbal thought, literacy skills, and spatial thinking. It uses both sides of the brain that helps in increasing memory power. It increases discipline, helps in time management and, promotes artistic development.

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Incorporating multisensory learning:

Engaging multiple senses in learning processes engage various areas of the brain—the more areas of the brain that are actively working, the better. When various reasons work simultaneously, it helps the child learn quickly and retain a more extended period.

Dividing big tasks into smaller ones:

Smaller tasks make it easier for children to focus and pay attention.

On completion, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to continue. Setting a deadline for the achievement of a goal ensures focus and concentration. While some children may thrive under time goals, other children may feel pressured and start feeling anxious. You must note what works best for your child.


Blending simple relaxation routines such as deep breathing and meditation with positive visual representation helps develop the brainpower to improve or learn new skills.

Limiting the use of gadgets:

Too much screen time can have a damaging effect on a child’s ability to think and focus. There are numerous benefits of limiting screen time, such as improved sleep and increased blood flow to the brain.

Physical exercise:

Physical activity helps to strengthen the brain. Beyond benefits to the body, it also boosts a child’s mental and behavioral health. It helps provide sharper memory and thinking, higher self-esteem, better sleep, and more energy. Even a quick walk can do miracles for your child’s mind!

Enjoying music:

There are various ways to incorporate musical activities. Music is multifaceted. A single song comprises lyrics, melody, vocal sounds, and rhythm, each of which stimulates different brain areas. Music also invokes memories promoting another brain region.

These tips help in improving your child’s memory power as well as your relationship with your child. Performing activities with your child teaches them a sense of love which is crucial.

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