Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is the world’s most popular and best beverage with many health benefits that people have been drinking for thousands of years. Turkey, China, Russia, and India are some countries that consume the most quantity of tea. As people are becoming health conscious, different varieties of tea have other perks.

Benefits of having Tea

  1. Drinking tea early in the morning gives your day a good start, and you feel refreshed and energetic.
  2. Some tea improves your metabolism rate and helps you lose weight.

Types of Tea and their benefits

  1. Black Tea: – The most consumed beverage is Black tea, and it has the least amount of caffeine than any other tea. Benefits of Black Tea are: –
  2. Black tea decreases the risk of cell damage and chronic disease like stroke, asthma.
  3. If you consume black tea for six months, there is a high chance that you can reduce your blood pressure.
  4. It promotes the growth of good bacteria, helping in maintaining a healthy gut.

2. Green Tea: – One of the most healthy beverages is Green Tea. Benefits of Green Tea are: –

  • Green Tea helps in enhancing the metabolism rate of your body, thus burning your body fat.
  • Green Tea has catechin compounds that protect the brain and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • As per studies, the people who drink Green Tea the most have reduced the risk of diabetes by almost 40%.
green tea with leaf

3. Oolong Tea: –Oolong Tea originated from the Chinese era and used the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Benefits of Oolong Tea are: –

  • The antioxidants present in Oolong Tea reduce the mutation of cells in the body, leading to different types of cancer.
  • Oolong Tea provides nutrients to the body that increases bone and teeth strength. As per studies, people who drink Oolong tea have 5% better teeth and bone strength.
  • Oolong Tea has a small amount of L-Theanine that eases stress and depression.

4. Rooibos Tea: -If you are looking for a beverage, especially as a tea lover, that is both delicious and healthy, then Rooibos tea is for you. Benefits of Rooibos tea are: –

  • Rooibos Tea has no caffeine and tannin in it. Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to sleep problems and stress, making Rooibos Tea a safe alternative to black and green tea.
  • Roobios Tea has a unique and vital natural ingredient, chrysoberyl, that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties.
  • Rooibos Tea has calcium and magnesium in it that increases your bone strength.

5. White Tea: – White Tea is made from natural ingredients. Benefits of White Tea are: –

  • White Tea has caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an ingredient that works together in burning fat and reducing your weight.
  • Fluorides, tannins, and catches are present in White Tea that protect your teeth from bacteria and the dental cavity.
  • White Tea has ingredients that protect your body from both external aging and internal aging. Also, applying white tea extract to your skin protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • White Tea has polyphenols that boost your immunity, relax your blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.

Tea is a healthy and popular beverage if you consume it in the proper quantity. Tea has many health benefits like improved heart function, reduced risk of deadly diseases, and many more.

But too much tea is also not good for health, be it Green Tea or any other tea. Tea has caffeine that causes sleep issues and stress.

So, you must consume tea in the minimum quantity. As per advice and reports, two to three cups of tea daily is enough to provide you with health benefits and no side effects.

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